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The International Girls In My Life (Part 6)

This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series The International Girls In My Life

“So are you attracted to Asian girls?” she asked.

While I hesitated, I had to admit it.

But truth be told, when it comes to international girls?

I don’t have any ultimate preference.

I’ve had a relationship with a Persian girl, and I’ve dated Russian and Ukrainian girls also. I’ve enjoyed a lot of times with girls from the USA of course, as well as girls who spawn from Western European and Latin countries.

There’s just something about you foreign girls.

I find you so exotic.

The fascination that cultural differences bring?

It’s definitely “sexy” and sometimes even “erotic.”

Not that I spend much of my time thinking that way, because as you should know by know I’m not an “out for sex” guy ever. But there is always a sexual element present in romantic love, that naturally flows from emotional connection.

I have yet to travel abroad though.

To encounter you in your natural environments.

It’s only on North American soil I’ve met you so far.

Primarily here in Vancouver.

But I definitely would like to do that one day. I can see having a lifestyle with a “girl in every port” as they call it. I can see a time when I combine the two. My love for you and travel!

Each and every one of you I’ve encountered this way?

You have stolen my heart completely.

There is something so special about every one.

I just can’t get enough of you!

Whether it’s catching a coffee or sharing a walk, or carrying on a deep, intellectual conversation. Each of you has something about you that lures me in. I am totally enthralled by your energy!

Every one of you is so lovely in your own way.

I spend my time dreaming about you.

Even when you don’t share the desire I have?

I still hold a place in my heart for you.

So once again this year my dears, I pause to express my appreciation and affection. You have added so much to my life just being you, I can’t imagine missing out on your presence!

And though I always pause like this once a year?

I actually acknowledge you 365/24/7.

You’ve made my life rich just being who you are.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart, my darlings!

How about you? Are there some international girls in your life too, who have made for you this kind of difference, and if that’s true will you take the time right now, to reach of to them and tell them?

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