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The International Girls In My Life (Part 5)

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This year what I thought I’d do?

Talk about my experience with the Slavic dating scene.

Though the word “dating” is really a misnomer.

These girls want to get MARRIED to you!

Near the end of my long term relationship I began wondering about my future prospects. Since I was a little bit further along in life now did this mean the end of relationships for me?

I don’t really remember how it happened.

But somehow I came across this unique phenomenon.

All these beautiful, attractive Slavic girls?

Apparently they wanted to marry a guy like me!

Of course because I’m an INTJ it didn’t take long until my “scam sensors” were tingling. But after a bit more research I was able to scout out the more legitimate players making offerings.

One of these is the Elena’s Models site.

Through it I’ve encountered some wonderful girls historically.

I even met up with two of them in person.

One in California and the other in Vancouver.

This was all before I shifted from monogamy to Romantic Friendships.

To say these Slavic girls are typical traditional biological females is the understatement of the century. And while their up front pitch is “romantic love?” Getting those babies is their true modus operandi.

One girl named Katrin I corresponded with?

She was from a city in Ukraine called Zaporizhzhia.

She reached out to me first to express her interest.

She told me she’d made it her goal to meet me that year.

Our back and forths were definitely lively!

I also Skyped and corresponded with other interesting girls too.

My first in person happened when Elena from Belarus looked me up when she came to Vancouver. We spent a couple very special days together and the dopamine euphoria was hitting me pretty hard!

Thankfully despite it’s effect?

She helped me come to my senses.

When I suggested of a movie and she countered with the Madonna concert?

I knew her tastes were a tad bit too rich for me!

The most pleasant experience I had with one of these girls is when I flew down to California to spend 9 days with a wonderful Ukrainian girl named Victoria. She was there giving birth to her first baby and we spent that time evaluating “her and me.”

She quickly concluded it wasn’t going to work.

I was obviously not of a “kid person.”

“Romantic love is nice but children are what’s important,’ she said.

With that I also knew she was not the girl for me.

A couple other of these girls who live in Vancouver I have also tried to connect with occasionally. I’d love to just experience them and see where it went but so far neither of them has taken me up on meeting.

What I can tell you about these Slavic girls?

They are a great catch if the “family man” thing is what you’re wanting.

But if romantic love is your purpose like it is for me?

The Slavic dating scene is definitely NOT what you’re looking for!

So what do you think? Given everything I always write about here do you understand how I’ve come to this conclusion and am I right that these girls just aren’t for me since romantic love is not their true priority?

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