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The International Girls In My Life (Part 4)

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“You’re not in Grade 1 that’s for sure!” she said.

Her grading system was about being seductive.

As we were standing by her car in my parking lot?

I was less than subtly suggesting she come upstairs with me.

She is a wonderful Filipina who wrapped herself around my heart a long time ago. Haven’t yet had the chance to pick up where we left off but I always keep my door open as you know!

“You are such a flirt.”

“I thought you meant East coasters are less connective.”

“I figured out later that wasn’t exactly what you meant.”


Those Jersey girls can be a little bit slow sometimes! 😉

What I’d said to her was, “You live on the wrong side of the continent.” I’m glad she finally realized I regretted she lives so far away from me being able to connect with HER.

She told me, “You should come to Asia.”

“There are lots of us cute Asian girls here.”

I quickly explained the problem to her.

“I’m sure there are but there are not lots of YOU!”

I had just told her, “You are almost my ideal female. Cute, slim, attractive Asian girl with a wonderful personality but a depth that I love as well. My latest version of crack.”

But then there’s that sweet Mexican girl too.

When she told me, “I’m an INFP” I replied to her,

“I’m not surprised. I always find INFP girls attractive.”

Still hoping she’ll come to visit me! 😉 😉

The flirting I’ve done with her so far has been very, very subtle. Until I’m sure a girl is open to me sharing my heart with her I definitely play it pretty cool.

As you can see from the international girls in my life?

I definitely do sometimes get my flirt on.

Usually as I’ve told you though?

It begins by just being me.

I know if a girl doesn’t go for that there really is no point in trying to go further. The last thing I want is to “sweep her off her feet” instead of her getting to know me.

But I definitely tell a girl how I feel.

Let her know that I desire her.

And once our connection is going strong?

I’m totally comfortable flirting further with her then.

How about you guys? Is there an international girl in your future and are you ready to make 2020 the year that you connect with her?

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