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The International Girls In My Life (Part 3)

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I’ve gotten into a bit of a tradition here. (Part 1Part 2)

On International Woman’s Day?

I like to celebrate the International girls in my life.


These aren’t all romantic friends.

But girls I’ve met and enjoyed a connection with.

This year I want to tell you about some girls I’ve met through a meetup I attend. It’s a Meetup where International girls (and guys) gather to practice speaking English together.

How did I end up attending this?

It has to do with something I did when I first came to Vancouver.

I took a course on teaching English.

I got my CELTA degree.

My intention at the time was to add this element to my consulting practice. So many people are seeking to learn English for business these days.

So I’ve started checking out these kinds of Meetups.

I enjoy helping people who are learning.

In the process?

I get to experience a lot of the female energy I desire.

My first day at this new Meetup I met a really attractive Brazilian girl. When I put my coat beside her, her facial expression made me a bit unsure.

I’m not a guy to create discomfort.

So after I got my drink I moved to a different place at the tables.

Eventually we got to know each other though.

I met her husband who was with her too.

She and I kidded how their culture is very “touchy feely.”

Very different than the culture of most of the Asian girls there.

As you know I love Asian girls and I’m discovering especially Japanese ones. I had a delightful experience  where a very cute Japanese girl taught me how to distinguish the different Asian types.

Turns out Chinese girls use almost no makeup.

Korean girls don’t use much either.

But unlike their Japanese counterparts?

They like to show some skin.

Japanese girls are much more conservative on that front.

But they really like to work their makeup.

This is all a science can you tell?

So far only one of these girls has taken me up on my offer to meet for coffee. She and I had a great visit talking and have started messaging since she returned to Japan.

Another real cutie will be meeting with me soon.

Once her midterms have come and gone?

We’ll get together for a chat also.

Another girl teaches Taiwanese at university.

She is really intelligent.

She and I hit it off right away.

We talked and talked until she decided she shouldn’t capitalize on my time. I’m hoping she will also take me up on my offer to meet for coffee and talk more soon.

The girl I met from Chili?

The other girl from Mexico?

Each of these girls is a wonderful flower.

I suspect they don’t even know how they add joy in my life.


So far none of these have become romantic friends with me.

But I know as I put myself out there?

It’s just a matter of time.

How about you guys? Could you see yourself getting out there and fishing in ponds where there are lots of girls you have things in common with?

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