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The Harsh Reality Of How Attraction Works (Part 2)

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The other day a female Facebook friend?

She wrote an “ode to older women.”

When a year ago she hired a dating coach?

The coach thought finding her someone to love would be easy.

But here she is a year later now, bemoaning the fact that in all that time she has been mostly unsuccessful. When it comes to guys willing to date this 52 year old girl, my friend’s dating coach has found her less than a handful.

“Handful” means only 4.

And those guys she only dated briefly.

It seems that all the rest of the guys in the world?

They wouldn’t give her the time of day.

“I’m feeling discouraged and heartbroken after realizing that all the bullshite I spew about dating as an older woman may actually be f TRUE.”

“Am I not self aware enough? No.”

“Am I not beautiful enough? No.”

“Am I not kind, intelligent, grounded, thin enough?”

Again, “No, no, no and no.”

She insists she’s not a bitter person who dislikes men, but that she honors “healthy masculinity.” The guys she engages with are also “conscious,” or at least they claim to be.

“This society is quite pathetic and immature.”

It treats “older women as invisible.”

She finds this so in all the communities she “delves in.”

And she “delves into” a lot of them.

“Who the fuck do these men think they are? What do they really value in women? How can they not see past the warped conditioning around womanhood and age. Why don’t they buy a red sports car instead of treating women as shiny objects to prove their masculinity and virility?”

I feel for my friend, I really do.

I don’t like how attraction works either.

But the harsh reality is it works like it does.

There is nothing you or I can do about it.

While she insists, “This dynamic has to change,” she also recognizes, “It won’t in my lifetime and I may need to resign myself to being single the rest of my damn life, but younger women will face this one day and they god damn deserve better.”

What am I always telling you?

You need to work on your attractiveness always.

Since you’ll never change how Nature works?

You’re best bet is to start working WITH it.

What do you think? Is there any point getting uptight about this unavoidable harsh reality, or are you better just to resign yourself and start cooperating instead of resisting it?

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