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The Entire Dating World Is Defective Or Haven’t You Noticed? (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Entire Dating World Is Defective Or Haven't You Noticed?

Life is so funny isn’t it?

Every few days it totally surprises you.

This time the surprise came via COVID-19.

And one of the “dating coaches” I’m aware of.

This dating coach is someone I met a long time ago and with whom I had a brief encounter. We chatted it up about dating philosophy and it was obvious to me how she and I differed.

True to form?

Her recommended approach?

It was to encourage you girls to chase attraction.

Find a guy with whom you have “chemistry.”

Even though that doesn’t make for a good relationship.

But with the Corona Virus scare suddenly her dating advice took a decisive turn for the better. She thinks the pandemic is actually a good thing since you’ll get to know each other now without getting physical.


Did I hear that right?

So you actually DO believe that’s better?

If that’s the case?

Why have you been saying the opposite?

Encouraging girls to let their attraction addictions lead them?

Of course the reason she’s been doing that is the same reason all your so called “dating coaches” mislead you. Using attraction to find “the one” is how you all WANT things to work even though it’s going to fail you.

As I’ve told you before?

Guys are naturally addicted to sex.

You girls?

You’re addicted to physical escalation.

As long as a guy physically “sweeps you off your feet?”

You’ll give up “the goods” to him pronto.

But as this dating coach was now admitting to her fans the approach you should actually use is much different. My advice has ALWAYS been to hold off completely with getting physical.

Instead what have I always said?

Take the time to get to KNOW each other to begin with.

Once you have a true emotional connection in place?

The most natural thing in the world?

It’s to move things to the next level.

I was happy to see this female dating coach encouraging you girls to actually build a proper foundation. My only hope is when this pandemic clears she won’t return to her usual misguided suggestions.

But as always?

I’m not holding my breath.

Old habits die hard don’t they?

Not only is it difficult to CONSCIOUSLY date?

It’s even more difficult to do so consistently.

What do you think? Am I right about this and has COVID-19 forced you to make the right adjustments or after it clears will you still go back to your old habits of just chasing attraction?

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