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The Best Way To Experience A Breakup

Every time I experience a breakup?

It’s just another reminder.

Although my focus is how to make love work?

It’s still fair of you to ask.

What about when it doesn’t?

The goal of Romantic Friendships is to give love room to thrive without succumbing to monogamy’s inevitable break downs.

Breakdowns stemming from lots of things.

Becoming bored with your partner.

Taking them for granted.

Giving in to all the cares of this life.

The annoyances that come from living together.

It’s just a fact that when you spend so much time with your partner in the context of “normal” living? Familiarity begins to breed contempt so easily.

When you look forward to seeing each other?

Have a special oasis just for your love?

Your eagerness to see each other grows.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Love is in the wanting!

Never in the having.

And even when you face a breakup your love is still much more protected. I’ve seen this several times where a partner who left eventually came back because she had not ceased to love me.

But today what I want to point out?

It’s the logistical breakup benefits.

Let’s suppose your partner does leave for good.

How do Romantic Friendships fare compared to other arrangements?

This is something I have lived and I can tell you it is simply amazing. I woke up one day and said to myself, “Except for my sadness and the fact I will miss her I’m otherwise completely unaffected.”

I kid you not.

I literally ran through the following list:

I have no difficult financial adjustments to make.

I am experiencing zero awkward shifts regarding my accommodations.

There aren’t even things around my place to remind me.

When I think of the horror stories I’ve heard about divorce?

I am so thankful I’ve configured my love life THIS way.

Even if I don’t have any other partners at the time? Since I’m polyamorous I am always open to new potential loves anyway. I don’t have to figure out how to emotionally get myself out there and back on the market again.

If I currently have other loves in my life?

That makes a departure even more bearable.

As you can see?

As good as Romantic Friendships are when you’re IN them?

They are also the best way to experience a breakup too!

When you’re together you experience an easy , enjoyable love.

When you part ways you experience nothing devastating other than your obvious emotional loss.

What do you think? Can it really be true that you can configure your love life in a way where you can enjoy it and avoid all the usual damages?

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