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The Best Thing About Being In A Relationship Is Being Single!

Have you ever heard somebody say this?

“No I’m not in a relationship. I prefer being single.”

The other person responds.

“I don’t understand how you can stand being alone, without a special someone in your life.”

The first group focuses on all the negatives of being “tied down” by your lover. The second thinks when you are single, you are lacking the experience of love.

Everybody has their opinion on which is better.


Which is it?

I say…both!

Of course there are pros and cons to both scenarios, but what if I told you that you can have it all?

You can enjoy the benefits of being single AND being in a relationship. Without experiencing any of the negatives usually associated with either of them.

You can!

It’s called Romantic Friendships!

You see, when you have a romantic friendship with someone, you enjoy the benefits of being in a relationship.

You have one or more romantic partners in your life, who want to share a loving, meaningful connection with you.

You spend time together.

You carry on intimate conversation.

You express affection and devotion to each other.

You make love.

In other words, a romantic friendship gives you everything you normally want in a relationship, that has to do directly with romantic love.

But you remain single while enjoying those benefits!

Since you’re not doing traditional monogamy, you’re not accountable to any of your partners.

Since you don’t live with anyone else, you don’t have to change the way you live to accommodate them either.

When you’re at your place, you do things your way.

At their place?

Their rules apply.

Just like it would with any of your friends!

Your financial life is your business too, and you don’t have to answer to anyone else for it.

You each take care of your own responsibilities.

Pay your own way when you do things together.

Of course, you’re both free to treat each other or help each other out anytime you’d like.

But nothing is expected of you in this regard.

Everything is voluntary and flows naturally from your love for each other.

There is no sense that you are “theirs” or they are “yours.”

You both love with an open hand.

Since a romantic friendship is a friendship, not a contract or agreement, you get to skip all the expectations that go along with traditional styles of relationships.

So it is just like being single.

Because you actually are.

You live your own independent life.

With Romantic Friendships, you’re free to configure your love life in whatever manner suits your lifestyle.

You can have any number of lovers.

Depends on how much of a priority romantic love is in your life.

But you get to skip the loneliness that so often goes along with single life.

You actually have a special someone (or someones!) in your life. You can connect however, and as often as works, for you and your partners.

I really don’t know why more people aren’t doing this.

I think the trend toward living apart together is a good start.

The next logical step is full on, polyamorous, Romantic Friendships.

Because when you configure your love life this way, the best thing about being in a relationship really IS being single!

How about you? Ready to try making your relationship the best thing it could be by going it the single way?

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