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The Best New Years Resolution You Could Make This Year

Imagine a relationship that is just about you.

The two of you.

It doesn’t serve any other purpose.

It’s not about building a life together or raising kids or trying to make sense of your finances.

Those things exist of course.

Everybody has to live.

You need to make sure it all keeps on working.

But what if you could always escape all that?

Run away to your own personal oasis?

A place where the cares of this life fall off and become washed away in a magical fountain, so you can forget them at least for the moment.

Maybe its just for a few hours this time.

Other times it’s a few days.

But you always know that it’s there for you.

A place where the two of you can leave behind all the pressures.

Every time you meet and embrace each other, you become enveloped in your love and can just focus on your time together.

All that exists is this chance to unwind.

To relax.

To completely experience your connection.

Bodies and arms and hands and lips and eyes and sounds and feelings engulf you.

It’s like you’ve never experienced before.

Always new yet ever familiar.

Understanding what it means to be one yet still retain your own independence. Supporting your partner as they support you. Having and holding but never grasping.

Free to fly but always returning.

Ever to share this passion.

To fuel your love.

Build your bond.

It is this solace that energizes you.

Gives the rest of your life its meaning.

This is the vision of romantic love I wish for you and what it truly means to share in a romantic friendship.

No its not Nirvana.

But it’s the next best thing.

Something mere humans can genuinely accomplish.

You can too.

All you have to do?

Give yourself permission to go there!

What do you say? Are you ready to commit to making this journey to fulfilling romantic love your New Years resolution?

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