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The Battle Between Biology And Love (Part 4)

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“Here is the reality…we are animals,’ he said.

“When you accept and understand that?”

“You open up a world of possiblity.”

“Re-think about it this way: MATING not DATING.”

This is the advice a “dating coach” friend of mine was offering in Facebook group of his I frequent. He was trying to get the guys who aren’t great at meeting girls, to reframe how they look at things.

“This is an ancient drive,” he said.

One that, “supercedes our desire for wealth and safety.”

“This is the drive of all drives.”

“To pass on your genes is to live on.”

As I read this I thought to myself, “Well there’s a novel attempt to try to make Nature’s reproductive game about YOU.” If you weren’t paying close attention, you’d never notice the “bait and switch” he did right there.

Why do I call it a “bait and switch?”

Because your genes actually pass on without you.

Convincing yourself that’s to your benefit NOW?

That’s just ridiculous!

“We talk about dating like it is this silly little modern thing, but we are talking about the deepest drive we have. So what does it mean to get this area of our lives dialed in?”

He says it means lots of things of course.

“Going for what you want,” “having connections” and “making money.”

But “beyond all those logical reasons?”

It means passing your genes on “with a healthy attractive mate.”

And so in one fell swoop what he did there is completely replace your desire for LOVE with BIOLOGY. Instead of seeking out genuine loving connection with a girl you truly care about, you should go out and find a hot girl so you can impregnate her with your seed.

“So becoming confident in this area?” he carried on.

It “isn’t just ‘one more area you should work on.'”

‘It is THE area that all areas flow from.”

So you want to “get this one piece of yourself dialed in.”

I definitely agree that your relationship life is the most important thing you can focus on. But that is not the same thing as focusing on meeting the “call” of your biology.

At least my friend acknowledges if you follow his advice?

You could become “addicted to chasing women.”

But that should tell you all you need to know.

He’s only talking about attraction, not real LOVE.

What do you think? Is it really in your best interests to follow the dictates of Nature as it urges you to become reproductive, or are you better to stand firm in this battle and become smarter than your DNA as I always tell you to?

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