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The Answer To Your Sexless Relationship

This one is for you guys.

But I know this can happen to you girls too.

If so?

Please apply this solution accordingly.

But usually it’s guys who experience sexual rejection in a relationship.


Because of the way you both are wired normally.

Guys tend to major in sexual fulfillment and you girls major in emotional connection and there is nothing at all wrong with any of this.

It’s just the way it is.

But it does often leave your guy in the darkness.

It is a well know fact?

Sexless relationships are a continuous blight on the planet.

According to a recent article?

This happens for a couple of reasons.

You girls think sex is just a physical act that doesn’t really matter.

And since guys are the pursuers and get rejected all the time?

You don’t think this whole thing really hurts him.

Sadly neither of those assumptions are true.

Sex matters to HIM as much as emotional connection does to YOU. In fact, sex IS emotional connection for him when he really cares about you.

When you reject having sex with him?

It’s like him saying he’ll show you affection “whenever.”

Maybe next week.

Or next month.

Or next year.

Or maybe he’ll just show you affection NEVER!

So what do you do if your partner isn’t interested in connection with you at all sexually? Do you just have to hunker down and accept how things are or is there something you can do to fix it?

The answer is really quite simple.

Don’t accept “No” for an answer.


I’m not telling you to force yourself on her.

I’m saying a sexless relationship is simply a non-starter.

Don’t accept that.


Here’s what you do about it:

Share with your partner that you love her immensely and that sexual fulfillment is something you desire with someone you love. Then let her know though that it is totally okay if she’s not game to have sex. That just means you’ll need to find sexual fulfillment with someone else instead of her.


“How could you suggest this Kel?”


Think about it.

What would she do if you’re not emotionally connecting with her?

Sit in the house?

Alone by herself?

Everybody knows she doesn’t do THAT.

She seeks emotional connection elsewhere.

With her girlfriends or sometimes?

Heaven forbid!

Even with a lover.

The reason my advice is so schocking to you is you think sexual fulfillment is somehow less NOBLE than emotional connection. Society reinforces this theme by seeing guys’ desire for sex to be just a biological function as if it completely lacks any deeper meaning.

Sex is not just a biological function.

When you really love your girl?

It becomes making love with her.

When that is the case your desire for sex?

It is as important as her emotional desires are for her.

Of course as you know I think the BEST way to do all this is just to opt for Romantic Friendships in the first place. When your partner knows you can be intimate with anyone you desire? Her own desire for you will stay more constant and dependable.

Doesn’t matter how you “feel” about any of this.

It’s how both of your psychologies work actually.

You will always take your partner for granted when you think they are YOURS.

Romantic Friendships inherently guard against this.

Even if you’re monogamous you must insist that you love each other with an open hand.

Whenever desire for sexual fulfillment or emotional connection is gone?

Your romantic connection is gone also.

What I’ve told you above is how you get it back.

How about you? Can you see what I’m telling you is the honest truth and exactly how to take care of this sexless relationship thing?

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