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The Answer Is To Find Someone Who Will Comply

The dating game is dog eat dog.

Every guy or girl for themselves.

The Battle Of The Sexes as it has been dubbed.

Each side trying to win.

Not just win a skirmish though.

The goal is to win the entire WAR.

If you spend much time out there at all you’ll quickly realize that you need to make sure you stay on your game. If you don’t you’ll find yourself cheated out of what you want and the other side is going to win.

If you’re a guy what you want is sex.

No need for commitment.

So you have to keep her from reeling you in.

If you’re a girl you’re out for commitment.

So you have to be very careful.

You can’t just give it away too soon to him!

Of course when two sides have such different goals there is no way you can find a compromise. One of you inherently has to win and one of you has to lose.

This is the state of the dating game.

It is why you find yourself constantly discouraged.

How could you possibly find harmony with the opposite sex?

Your intentions are so diverse.

The answer is very simple actually but per usual you don’t want to hear it. Because of your dedication to your side of this war all you want is surrender NOW!

What you need to do?

Give up the war completely.

Not just this skirmish but the whole battle.

You need to CHANGE.

Pursue something else altogether.

That’s your only hope to find lasting happiness.

What you have to come to recognize is romantic love has absolutely nothing to do with this battle. The idea you have to find someone to comply with your goal is as wrong headed as it could be.

When you pursue your side of the battle?

You’re really just being an automaton.

You’re letting your DNA get the best of you.

You’re letting nature dictate what you do.

The result is always misery.


Because there is a big difference between your HEART and your WIRING. Your heart is calling you to a much better place filled with harmony and peace instead of conflict.

Yes as a guy you are wired for sex.

What your HEART wants is to MAKE LOVE with her.

Yes as a girl you’re wired for commitment.

What your HEART wants is to be LOVED by him.

As a girl when you’re loved you want to give yourself sexually.

When a girl desires you sexually as a guy you want to STAY with her.

This is why romantic love is a synergy of these two aspects of your being. It is only when you let nature separate them in this battle that you get into trouble and this whole mess ensues.

Your DNA calls for your side of the equation.

It doesn’t care about your partner’s problems.

Learn to be SMARTER than your DNA.

If you do you’ll find relationship peace at last.

What do you say? Isn’t it time to finally give up trying to get what nature calls you to and begin to follow your heart instead so you can find true happiness?

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