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The 3 Worst Reasons To Get Into A New Relationship This Year (Part 4)

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series The 3 Worst Reasons To Get Into A New Relationship This Year

Way back at the beginning of this blog?

I told you the 3 Worst Reasons to get into a relationship.

When I saw Mark Manson saying a similar thing?

Naturally I was intrigued!

I introduced you to Mark when I shared with you A Diary Of Two Pickup Artists. I told you I consider Mark to be “a pickup artist who found his heart.”

In Mark’s article what he’s showing you?

3 terrible reasons to get MARRIED.

Despite his pickup artist days?

He now considers himself a “happily married man.”

Mark thinks the first mistake you make is believing marriage will solve your relationship troubles. If anything, he says, what it will do is make matters even worse.


This is really the equivalent of the second reason I gave you.

What was that?

The idea that you should use your relationship for personal growth.

Number two on Mark’s check list is getting married because you’re lonely. This is the same as my first reason, that nobody out there is your “soulmate” who is going to “complete” you.

Mark veers off from me for his number 3.

He tells you, “Don’t get married to prove something.”

Wanting to satify mom and dad or achieve a status symbol?

That’s not a good reason to ruin your life.

Of course Mark doesn’t just leave you there, because he also thinks there are 4 good reasons you SHOULD get married. Reading those however didn’t convince me to abandon Romantic Friendships for marriage instead.

You should get married because you FIGHT well?


Why not just avoid a situation where you need to?

The only reason marriage requires this trait?

You live with your partner and have to put up with them!

And only if you’re trying to “build a life together” would you need “similar worldviews and visions for your future.” Of course as you know, from my view of love I agree a “strong friendship” underpins any good romantic relationship.

Your relationship SHOULD be exciting to you.

It should NEVER be an obligation.

But if you choose marriage over Romantic Friendships?

It’s just going to destroy your love instead.

What do you think? Has Mark really given you any positive reason to get married, or has he just begun to warn you about the reasons it isn’t going to work?

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