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That Creepy Guy Could Actually Be Your Best Chance For Love

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One of my female Facebook friends recently posted the following question:

“Why does the wink face automatically turn any sentence sexual?

Wanna go for ice cream? 😉


It reminded me of the post I wrote a while back on objectification.

This is such an amusing topic to me because it is so clear what’s happening. As always it has to do with how attraction works.

Nature has wired you for reproduction.

That’s why I call “Romantic Love” nature’s sell job.

Because of this you objectify the opposite sex just like they objectify you.

As long as their characteristics make for a good reproductive partner.

Yes girls, you do this too!

When you’re attracted to a guy who gives you his attention, you like it and can’t get enough of it.

If you’re not attracted to him, you find him creepy.

The girls in that meetup I attended said it all has to do with the guy’s intention.

I don’t buy that.

I know you girls are good with your intuitions but I don’t believe you can identify a guy’s internal motivations as easily as you think you can.

A guy is not a creep to you because he has wrong intentions and you can sense that.

He’s a creep to you because you don’t find him attractive.

Most of you girls would not have a problem if a guy as successful as Christian Grey winked at you.

If an ordinary guy who is nervous when he speaks with you does it though, chills run up your spine.

Does that mean the nervous guy has wrong intentions?

He may just lack the confidence from being rejected by girls like you!

He could just be going through a real struggle right now.

But he thinks you’re cute and he’s trying to convey that despite your rejection of him.

The reason you find him creepy has nothing to do with his intentions or who he is as an actual person. You just don’t find him attractive.

Confidence, charm, and the ability to lead are what makes for attraction in your biological wiring.

THIS is your REAL definition of a creep: “Someone I don’t find attractive.”

And as always with attraction, there is a real problem with this approach to finding love.

Because there are a lot of good guys you close yourself off to every day this way.

The only reason you do so is they don’t give you that thrill you’re addicted to.

I’ve said this a milliion times. Nature does not have your long term relationship well being in mind.

Some guys who exude that “alpha male” energy are really good guys.

A high percentage of them aren’t.

So you keep getting duped again and again.

You end up in relationship after relationship with emotionally unavailable guys.

You want to know why that’s happening?

It is what I’ve just told you here.

You think good guys are creeps. So you keep looking the other way and chasing the next “bad boy,” hoping it will turn out different this time.

You’ve heard that definition of insanity right?

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Let me ask you this.

Are you tired of this endless emotional roller coaster?

Would you like to change this pattern and start finding guys who will truly love you?

Then you need to start adjusting your creep-o-meter and learning to meet the good ones.

I can help you do that!

Don’t waste any more time on this game – Hit me up for a FREE intial consult.

What do you think girls? Time to start opening up to more of the creeps in your life?

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