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Sometimes To Show Her You Love Her You Just Have To Tease Her

“I wrote something about you in my journal last night.”

“I’ve been debating sharing it with you.”

“Girls like you always have guys falling all over themselves.”

“So sharing how I feel about you likely won’t impact you.”

She insisted that it would be different with me because she really respects me. So I shared it with her and she appreciated it, but of course so far that was the end of it.

Maybe you’ve experienced a girl like this?

The kind you find totally amazing?

But so does every other guy she knows.

So how do you truly differentiate yourself with her?

This is one time where I think you can indeed take a page out of the pickup artist’s handbook. The concept is known as “dissing” her which techically means “insulting” her.

But as David D’Angelo confirms?

What you really do is you tease her.

“Treat her like you kid sister,” he says.

These popular girls absolutely love this.

I have another such girl who I met online and got to know one night a bit through Messenger. She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out, and while we chatted I told her I really love her energy.

“I love to watch your Facebook lives.”

“I enjoy experiencing your vivaciousness.”

“Thanks!” she said.

And there it was.

The clear indication she was completely used to this.

But I had the chance to make a true impact with her one day during a conversation we had in her “Orgasmic Marketing” group. She was complaining the coronovirus shutdown had also shutdown getting her hair colored.

I asked her how many colors she’s been.

She told me I could check out her Facebook photos.

I told her I was hoping to see a “raven black” her.

Then she started sharing different shots of herself with me.

“Mainly I just modify my natural blonde color a bit,” she replied as she shared a beautiful picture. “That’s your California bleach blonde look” I said. Then she proceeded to show me another.

“This one is my natural look.”

She shared a very plain dishwater blonde pic of her.

“Oh so you’re a dirty blond in more than one way eh? 😉 “

“Wow” she said.

I found her reply very satisfying.

How about you? Could you take the risk of “insulting” her just a bit to show her you find her really attractive, and do you believe if you take that risk the attraction will actually be reciprocal?

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