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Sometimes It’s Hard To Contain Myself

To look at me you wouldn’t know it.

But I have very deep rooted emotions.

Because I love girls like I do?

Sometimes I get really pissed off.

No I’m not talking about being pissed off at you girls, though I admit I often find you quite SILLY. The person who was pissing me off this night was actually a guy.

Why was he getting under my skin?

Because of how he was behaving.

He was the quintessential pickup artist type.

He was totally doing his thing.

The problem was he was also a good guy, which made the whole situation even more frustrating. Because I liked him as a person, I was ready to cut him some slack.

But man it was hard.

Watching him.

Putting his hands on this girl he was hitting on.

I was tracking her reaction.

Trying to decide if she was okay with it.

While I don’t think you girls should let this stuff go on with a guy you don’t really know yet? I also respect your right to decide what happens for yourself.

So I didn’t interject at all.

I just watch and waited.

Finally when she broke away for a minute?

I approached her.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She smiled unconvincingly, and assured me she was fine. We hugged and I let her return to the endless barrage of keno, she was being subjected to.

What was really hard though?

How ridiculous this guy looked.

When guys are out for nothing else?

They just look like FOOLS to me.

Don’t get me wrong. As you have to know, I’m all about guys and girls connecting. I just wish you would all take the time, and go for getting to know each other first.

When you do, then every physical touch?

It takes on a deeper dimension.

Suddenly it is not about sex at all.

It is about giving and receiving real love.

Nurturing a real emotional connection.

What do you think? Am I just old fashion about love, and not getting with the program, or am I right that the current program is completely defective now?

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