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So What Does A Polyamorous Guy Do? (Part 6)

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series So What Does A Polyamorous Guy Do?

So when I saw this one landed on blog post day?

I knew I had to offer you something.

How could I literally publish on Valentines Day?

But make literally no mention of it?

It’s been so many years I’ve been polyamorous now, that it is very easy for Valentines Day to come and go on me. I connect with my partners so regularly, that the “special day” just doesn’t occur to me.

This day a romantic friend and I?

We both live at a distance.

We meet regularly for video chats all the time.

We meet up every few months in person.

Maybe I should pitch to her a romcom this time, or better yet we could watch Phantom of the Opera. We’ve talked about watching it eventually, and you couldn’t ask for a better romantic tragedy.

Myself and the Phantom?

We go waaaaayyyy back.

Back when those critters of mine?

They were still little.

I’m sure I probably damaged them indelibly. As they were asleep in the room across the hall? I had the original Sara Brightman version blasting on my computer CD player while I was programming.

I have no plans to go out this time.

But who knows?

If it strikes me after my partner time?

Maybe I will still go out somewhere to “honor” it.

When this romantic friend is in town, we will often go to certain restaurants we enjoy together. Some of them have become a bit of a tradition now, so possibly I’ll choose one of them.

Will it be the Cazba for Persian?

Or that great Sushi place on Mainland?

But then again there is also that great Thai place on Hamilton.

Or Stepho’s for Greek on Davie.

One great thing about living in downtown Vancouver, is I have no lack of choices for romantic adventures. In my heavy dating days back in 2015, I took full advantage of seawall walks for this purpose.

For me, as I’ve told you before?

Valentine’s Day is just a day.

For me every day Is Valentine’s Day.

As long as I’m enjoying it with a lover!

So what about you? Do you have big plans this year to meet your cultural romantic paradigm obligations, or will you join me in seeing every time you meet up with your partner special?

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