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So What Does A Polyamorous Guy Do? (Part 3)

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It’s Valentine’s Day again!

Cupid is shooting his arrows!

Love is in the air!

Can’t you just feel it?

Okay enough of the sappy-ness from me since I know you’re not buying it. This is the time of year when Kel tends to shine the least in the hearts of you girls who are pining.

As I’ve told you many times?

I don’t do the “hopeless romantic.”

That doesn’t mean I’m not hopelessly romantic though.

I just know most of you girls are a hopeless cause regarding it.

Since your central challenge to finding love is your tendency to fantasize EVERYTHING? Obviously Valentine’s Day puts your natural addiction to being “swept off your feet” on steroids!

Believe it or not though in the past?

I actually played this day once quite royally.

I made chocolate covered strawberries.

I put rose petals all over the bed!

The movie of choice was Tristan and Isolde!

While you’re picking yourself up off the floor in disbelief let me tell you how that all went for me. My long term partner just couldn’t relate because I’d long since lost her emotionally.

“Oh so that’s it Kel!”

“You don’t do romance because she hurt you!”

“Everything you write about here all the time?”

“You’re just airing you personal baggage aren’t you?”

Well I can’t deny that my stint with “romantic love” was indeed a brief one. Not because I got my feelings hurt but because the light bulb went on at that time for me.

Chocolates and roses?

Romantic nights of passion?

Those are all well and good if you’re both into them.

But they are not the essence of the romantic love I’M desiring.

What I learned at that time is real romantic love is so much deeper and all about valuing the PERSON. It isn’t about specific actions or special events or this annual societal reinforcement of monogamy.

To me every day with my lovers is special.

I try to constantly celebrate all of them.

But on this “special” day of yours?

I choose instead to celebrate MYSELF.

What do you think? Am I just a polyamory obsessed killjoy that I don’t treat Valentine’s Day as special or am I right that every day with your lover should be Valentine’s Day for the two of you?

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