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So Let’s See How Romantic Friendships Size Up

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I read an article about COMMON relationship issues.

I thought I’d see how Romantic Friendships size up.

After all I’m always recommending you configure your love life this way.

Do Romantic Friendships really work?

Or are they subject to the same challenges as other relationship styles?

Only one way to find out I guess.

Let’s put them to the test!

The article lists 9 of the most common recurring relationship issues that healthy couples face and suggests ways you can fix them.

Let’s look at them one by one:

(1) Money

You like to overspend.

He doesn’t manage money well.

Wait a minute!

With Romantic Friendships you don’t blend your finances at all.

Guess we’re okay there!

(2) Sex

You have different expectations.

She doesn’t desire sex as much.

You like it kinky and she likes it slow.

No problem!

Go enjoy making love with one of your other romantic friends!

You do you and she’ll do her.

(3) Bedroom Temperature

You like it cool in the room when you sleep.

He likes it warmer because he tends to throw off his covers.


Were you two sleeping over at each other’s place tonight?

If not, why don’t you just head home instead after the two of you make love and sleep the way you like it?

(4) Social Media

Since you’re romantic friends you don’t really care about this.

You’ll be happy if she gets a friend request and finds another partner.

And that Facebook relationship status thing?

It doesn’t seem to have an indicator called “single and in a relationship” anyway.

No problem.

You’re into romantic love.

Not making Facebook happy!

(5) Driving

Think your partner drives too fast?

Say you’ll meet him there instead!

(6) Not Accepting Their Unhealthy Habits

Your partner smokes or drinks or gambles?

Or has some other addictive behavior?

Why are you seeing them in the first place then?

Just go have a relationship with somebody else and wish them well!

Romantic love is about VALUING your partner.

If you don’t value them then what are you doing with them?

If it’s a matter of not liking how they keep their home?

Keep yours differently and it’s all cool.

(7) Chores


See the last statement of point 6?

You do yours and he’ll do his.

(8) Spending Too Much Time Apart

Got a romantic partner who is a workaholic so you rarely see each other?


That gives you lots of time to see your other romantic friends!

The great thing though is you can see that first partner too.

It just means you don’t have to pressure them.

They can enjoy a relationship with you without being somebody who they’re not.

(9) Spending Too Much Time Together

“Having a healthy amount of togetherness AND separateness is important.”

That’s what the article says.

I put it this way:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

That is the central reason I recommend Romantic Friendships.

This dynamic is built right into this relationship style.


It seems we’ve sized up extremely well!

What about you? Can you see something I’ve missed that makes Romantic Friendhships a fail because I don’t?

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