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So Let’s See How Romantic Friendships Size Up (Part 5)

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One thing you should notice by now?

I could do this all day long.

No matter the relationship problems list?

It’s Romantic Friendships for the win!

The reason this is the case is because Romantic Friendships are inherently AVOIDANT. Not avoidant about the important things that have to do with romantic love, but avoidant of everything that doesn’t.

Take this latest article.

It lists 8 “small issues” you need to address.

If you don’t, they will become big problems.


Because they will eat away at your love if you let them.

What sorts of things does this author say are so problematic? Run down the list and you’ll see they have nothing at all to do with romantic love.

Everything he lists?

They are almost all about logistics.

You don’t talk about sex.

But what’s the reason?

Your neurochemistry changed when you “settled down.”

When you moved in together.

Imbalances in household management isn’t exactly about romantic love now is it? Neither is talking about finances, too little or too much.

Feeling unheard?

Well yes that could be a problem.

But when your relationship is only about your connection?

That’s highly unlikely.

And then there is the famous challenge of different approaches to parenting. I told you a long long time ago, that having kids is also not about love.

Romantic friends don’t have kids.

At least not together.

And is it hard to make time for each other?

Not when that’s all your relationship is about.

If you have a partner with schedule challenges?

You spend your time with your other romantic partners!

Phubbing is a newer term that has to do with giving your phone more attention. But why would you do that with your romantic partner, since you’re not exhausted when you meet ever?

I guess you could be childish in an argument.

That is if there was something to argue about.

But when your focus is on your love?

That’s just not gonna happen much.

So as you can see, this latest article shows you 8 small issues you just won’t have to deal with. Not as long as you approach your love the way I’m encouraging you to.

Romantic Friendships.

They make love the sole purpose of your relationship.

Don’t clutter your love life with baggage.

Just focus on love.

That’s the purpose of your connection!

What do you think? Am I gonna find an article sometime warning about relationship problems, that is going to be relevant to the Romantic Friendships approach to love, or is it starting to be clearer why this is all I’m talking about?

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