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So Let’s See How Romantic Friendships Size Up (Part 4)

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series So Let's See How Romantic Friendships Size Up

It’s time to continue our evaluation of Romantic Friendships.

I’ve been giving you a chance to see just how they size up.

First regarding relationship and sex problems.

Then concerning breakups.

Today I want to hit this thing straight on by going for the jugular. Since monogamous marriage is still all the rage, let’s see how Romantic Friendships fair in the face of the primary causes of DIVORCE.

This time Oprah Mag comes to our assistance.

The article 12 Signs It Might Be Time to Get a Divorce shows us the warning signs to watch out for.

(1) & (2) You Never Argue Or You Need To Win Fights

Never arguing could mean you’re avoiding things.

But with Romantic Friendships usually?

It’s because you’ve removed the things people normally argue about!

Needing to win fights can also be a bad sign.

It depends whether you put your relationship before winning or not.

I won’t say you’ll never avoid or you’ll never fight in a romantic friendship.

Since your relationship isn’t about all the usual stuff though?

These things should be minimal at best.

(3) You WANT To Provoke Your Partner

Provoking your partner or stressing them out?

That’s obviously a definite no no.

But if you value each other?

It’s highly unlikely you’ll do these things at all.

As I’ve told you many times now?

Your partner doesn’t have to be EVERYTHING.

So they don’t have to apply a filter.

In Romantic Friendships you let them be them.

They let you be you.

(4) & (5) They Send Your Heart Racing In A Negative Way Or You Hide Your Real Self

If you don’t value anything about each other?

You simply won’t be together.

As long as you have whatever common ground you do though?

You can enjoy that and let the rest go and just be yourselves.

(6) You’re Overcompensating On Facebook

Personally I wouldn’t Facebook my love life.

I can see a difference here COULD be a problem.

Discuss it and find agreement about this though?

Then you should be okay.

(7) Kids (Or Work Or Friends) Come First

Kids and work and friends are all a part of our existence.

With Romantic Friendships you create an oasis.

You literally leave those things behind.

When you and your partner are together?

Your relationship is your total focus.

It’s a time to forget about life’s problems and simply enjoy your love.

(8) “I” And “Me” And Never “We”

“I” and “me” versus “we?”

These are only concerns in marriage.

With Romantic Friendships you’re not a team.

You’re just romantic FRIENDS.

No particular concern here about Team “We” at all.

(9) They Stop Being Your “Go-To” Person

Of course if you have a romantic friend?

You’ll want to share special things from your life with them.

Sharing those same things with each of your romantic friends?

Why not?

(10) & (11) & (12) Forgiveness Doesn’t Seem Like An Option Or You Already Have An Exit Strategy Or You’re Constantly Wondering If You Should Go

Being unable to forgive?

Planning an exit strategy?

Wondering if you should go?

I’ve said it a million times by now.

If your connection isn’t alive right NOW?

You relationship is already through whether it was a romantic friendship or not.


I think you can tell from what I’ve said here?

Most of these problems are unique to marriage.

The ones that aren’t are personality things.

You’ll have to process those however you configure your love life.

But definitely with Romantic Friendships?

The potential reasons to call it quits are lessened greatly.

By focusing on your love and nothing else?

It will more easily stand the test of time.

What do you think? Could Romantic Friendships be the new relationship technology that will give you more of the romantic love you’re looking for while avoiding the things that usually cause it’s demise?

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