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So Let’s See How Romantic Friendships Size Up (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series So Let's See How Romantic Friendships Size Up

In Part 1 I showed you how Romantic Friendships fair in light of common relationship problems.

As you saw by their very structure, Romantic Friendships avoid most of what can go wrong.

What about the subject of sex?

Things can go wrong there too as a recent article indicates. (Apologies. when I went to publish the link was no longer happening!)

Once again the way to find out is to put Romantic Friendships to the test.

The article lists 11 of the most common recurring challenges related to sex that healthy couples face and suggests ways you can fix them.

Let’s look at them one by one:

(1) Most People Lie About Their Desires

Of course you can do your sex life any way you want.

But with Romantic Friendships love making is central to why you are together.

As with any couple though this is still a function of comfort.

It takes time with any romantic friends to get to know each other intimately.

But you definitely have a head start here since making love is what it’s all about!

(2) Sex Is Difficult To Talk About

To me this one is really the basis of number (1).

If you’re uncomfortable talking about sex?

You’re going to be uncomfortable expressing your desires.

Here again though Romantic Friendships come to your aid.

As you focus on your relationship alone it becomes easier to express your sexual thoughts with each other.

(3) Sex Is A Great Lie Detector

This one really isn’t a problem.

It just says you can’t hide your interest in sex.

As you become closer to your partner you become more naturally responsive to each other too.

(4) There Is A Lure To Sex In The Back Of An Airplane

The idea here is the desire to move away from what’s conventional.

Romantic Friendships inherently buck the tendency to conform.

What you’re doing is “taboo” to most.

So this element of excitement is always present anyway.

Obviously you are free with your partners to take things wherever you want to!

(5) “Not tonight dear” Is Destructive

This one has to do with the challenge of monogamy.

Once you say this person is “it” your options have just closed down.

With Romantic Friendships if your partner isn’t in the mood?

Go be with another partner who is instead of them!

There is no need to pressure anyone to connect.

Or for anyone to have to miss out.

(6) Impotent Is An Achievement

It is important to respect your partner.

But sometimes that can mean you shut down.

Sexual urgency appears unloving.

So your body cooperates and doesn’t push.

With Romantic Friendships again your sexual life is a part of why you’re together.

Yes you respect each other.

But being here to connect is what you’re all about.

(7) Religions Know Something We Don’t

As you know I’m a Christian.

An odd one yes, but still.

Though the church has gone overboard on being non-sex positive?

There is a point to how they feel.

Sex is definitely NOT everything.

There is life to be lived as well.

Romantic Friendships gives you a specific place and time.

They allow your sexual expression a place to run!

(8) Marriage Ruins Sex

I suspect I don’t have to say much on this one.

Monogamy in general is just a fail.

All the reason domestic life kills interest?

That’s Romantic Friendships 101.

(9) Breadcrumbs In The Kitchen Kill Sexual Interest

The big one here is living together.

Every little thing your partner does?

Every little thing they don’t?

It all adds up.

It all irritates.

Until your desire to connect is THROUGH.

Romantic Friendships?

No problem there.

You live apart so you can totally chill when you’re together.

(10) Hotels Are Metaphysically Important

One word here.


Getting away to see each other.

With Romantic Friendships even your own home?

It becomes a getaway just for two!

Of course there is nothing stopping you.

Do a trip away anytime you both want to also!

(11) Adultery Is Overrated

Here comes the question of variety.

It’s something monogamous people have to endlessly guard against.

You have a natural tendency to want to connect.

With Romantic Friendships this comes built in.

You and your partner totally accept it.

You are always open to love.

If you meet someone else?

It doesn’t mean you have to choose.

You just love who you love and that’s all.


Once again it seems we’ve sized up well!

What do you think about this? Do you think Romantic Friendships might just be the ticket to keep your sex life alive and kicking after all?

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