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So How Do I Friend Zone Her?

What a problem to have right?

Most of you guys would just like to meet her.

But in a recent newsletter by PUA Troy Francis?

Some guy wrote him to ask about this.

It appears the guy went and had sex with this girl, and now she keeps messaging and messaging him. It doesn’t make sense for him to have a relationship at this moment, but he’s wondering if he can still “keep” her.

That’s what friend zoning is right?

When a girl friend zone’s YOU, that’s what she’s doing.

Usually she actually could be into you.

So she doesn’t want to lose you as an option in her life.

Troy Francis says, “Nope! You just can’t friend zone her.” What do you need to do instead? Come to grips with the fact that the modern sexual marketplace is a cruel one.

People use each other all the time.

That’s the way it is.

You can enjoy pleasure of course.

But want something “more?”

You’re going to come out the loser..

Troy also says the question itself is very naive. Girls these days are more into one night stands, than they are into friendship anyway.

Sadly in this case?

He could be right.

The girl may just have found the sex amazing.

Like many of you DTF girls?

She wants to trap that Bad Boy, now she’s found him.

Remember that pattern of “love you and leave you?”

How you keep ending up with Mr Emotionally Unavailable all the time?

Call me old fashioned, or call me radical. Call me totally “out there” if you want to. I don’t see things the way Troy does at all, because I think you’ve BOTH lost touch with reality.

You DO want a relationship.

It’s commitment that doesn’t work for you.

You want love without losing your independence.

With Romantic Friendships?

You can have BOTH instead.

Don’t use each other, but don’t OWN each other either.

The truth is, your choice isn’t either to be a player, or decide to put a ring on it. You can enjoy a real connection with someone you love, without setting yourself up for a breakup.

Instead of friend zoning her?

Before you have sex?

Ask her to have a romantic friendship with you.

Tell her she’s amazing, and you want her in your life.

Show her how you can do that together!

What do you think? Is it time to rebel against the running assumption, it’s either casual sex or exclusivity, so you can begin to enjoy love without the baggage after all?

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