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So Basically What You’re Saying Is All Girls Are Childish?

If there’s one thing you girls absolutely despise?

It’s being called out for your emotionality.

Telling a guy he’s too sexually aggressive though?

That’s completely fine.

Of course I get it, because it is always easier to justify your own inadequacies. I’m the first one to agree with you that those guys need to tone it down.

But all your protestations to the contrary?

“Friction and fights” are not a function of “the feminine.”

When you act like a 2 year old?

You need to recognize you do.

I’m in a Facebook group run by a life coach who helps guys understand their female counterparts. I like a lot of what she says, but on this point she is totally missing the boat.

She says, “He texts me, ‘Good morning my love!'”

“No it’s not,” she replies immediately.

“It’s actually terrible.”

“You didn’t text me last night.”

She admits she wonders why she does this, because she loves her guy completely. But instead of recognizing she’s being a brat, she opts for a RATIONALIZATION instead.

“The feminine loves friction,” she claims.

“She creates drama to play.”

At first?

She thought this sounded insane. (It is.)

But then a light bulb went on for her. (It didn’t.)

It’s really just what girls DO. (It is, but you shouldn’t.)

“I provoke and pick fights in order to bring out new sides of both of us. What happens if I get bratty? Will he react or play? What about when I complain or nag? What will he do then?

“It’s fascinating!” she says.

Not likely the word her partner is thinking.

She continued, “Once I saw this pattern?”

“I see it EVERYWHERE.” (You mean everywhere there are girls?)

A female client of hers said, “I don’t know why I keep provoking my partner. It’s terrible. There something wrong with me.” Not so says this life coach, “What if stirring up drama is a natural part of being feminine?”

“You’re not provoking him.”

“You’re inviting him to PLAY with you.”

“Fights can be disasterous.”

“Or they can be sexy friction.”

Keep telling yourself this all you want girls.

Eventually that playmate of yours will be LEAVING YOU.

What do you think? Is stirring up friction and drama and fights and complaining and nagging just being feminine, or are you acting like a child and deserve to be treated like one?

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