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So Am I Really Just A Sexist?

I just looked up the definition of sexism.


Because last night a girl accused me of it.

I figured I better understand what’s wrong with me now.

According to one quick lookup I did sexism is “characterized by or showing prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.”

So according to this definition?

I must be prejudiced against you girls.

Isn’t it obvious I discriminate against you and stereotype you?

After all?

Don’t I spend a lot of my time here “chiding” you?

If that’s what you mean then guilty as charged but there is one problem with this accusation. A lot of the girls I know who read my blog agree with me about the things I’m saying.

When I chide you here?

I’m trying to get you to come to your senses.

Get you to stop doing all those silly things.

The ones that are keeping LOVE away from you.

One thing I often tell the girls I know is you should only apply my thoughts if they are appropriate. If any given blog post doesn’t apply then I’m NOT talking to you.

My experience so far?

You take what I say to heart when it isn’t applicable.

Those of you who actually NEED what I say?

You get offended and “accuse” me of things.

But there is one sure fire way to avoid the experience of feeling like I’m stereotyping you. Don’t LIVE UP to the patterns I’m telling you I see all the time in you girls.

The funny thing though?

It is never the GUYS who make these accusations.

Even when I call them horn dogs?

Emotionally stunted?

They just laugh and agree with me.

Oops! There I go again stereotyping you girls by claiming it is only you from whom I experience complaining. But is it really stereotyping if the patterns I point out are actually THERE?

The truth is what I’m really doing here?

I’m presenting you with accurate generalizations.

What I encourage both guys and girls to do?

Become the EXCEPTION instead of the rule.

What do you think? Am I really wrong that there are obvious commonly repeating patterns among the sexes and if there are does it make me a sexist just because I’m pointing them out to you?

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