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Should Your Next Relationship Be With Someone Much Older (Or Younger)? (Part 7)

Recently a Stefan Molyneaux meme?

It depicted a very bold statement he made on Twitter.

What is the state of things for you girls?

Especially when you reach a bit older age?

“Women get mostly infertile at 40, but live to be 80. Without a family, what are you going to do with those 40 long years?

Obviously here?

Stefan is showing a pretty limited imagination.

I’m pretty sure once you reach that stage?

There will be more interesting things to do!

For the first time in your life you’ll soon be over the risk of getting pregnant. It is a well know fact that menopause is enjoyed by many girls as their sexual glory years.

But given her negative relationship experiences?

The girl who shared this meme begged to differ.

“I would rather be alone than in a bad relationship.”

“I’ll just be by myself thank you very much.”

What I found myself thinking when I read what she said, is this is a very definite reason why guys just give up on you. If you’re negative about being in a relationship, why should a guy your age consider you?

Why pursue older girls?

Apparently you don’t even want us!

Younger girls aren’t jaded like this.

They are positive and eager to connect!

As you know, I’m not an advocate of only dating younger. I’ve explored connection with girls much older than myself as well.

Sadly, the way all this works though?

As an older girl you can’t afford getting bitter.

As you age and nature becomes less kind?

You need to give guys more reasons to be interested in you.

But also don’t forget that as an older girl, you can also enjoy a relationship with someone much younger. Lots of younger guys will definitely be attracted to you.

The real thing you should take away from this?

You’re not relegated to the fate Stefan is suggesting.

As long as you remain positive and open to love?

At any age Romantic Friendships are for you!

What do you think? Is marrying and having children really your only option to be happy in your later years, or will you find at that time that you’re only beginning your better years?

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