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Should Your Next Relationship Be With Someone Much Older (Or Younger)? (Part 6)

So you’re a somewhat older girl.

Maybe you’re in your 40s or your 50s.

Your long term relationship isn’t great.

Just the opposite in fact.

Suddenly a younger guy starts to take an interest in you. He wants to ask you out, and he keeps persisting when you say no.

What do you do?

Do you take him up on his offer?

What about the commitment you made to your current partner?

Doesn’t that mean anything?

These are the questions that were asked of me by a client I was helping. She wanted to know what I thought she should do.

My advice?

Make good on your existing relationship.

First make sure you’ve tried to make it work.

Only then does it make sense to move on.

The one thing I would not advise is to have an affair on your current partner. While I don’t personally advocate for monogamy anymore, I still believe in integrity.

Of course she also asked.

“Am I crazy to be interested?”

“Is it really appropriate?”

“He’s so much younger than me.”

I suspect by now you know the answer I had to this part of her inquiry. I told her age is just a number, and that I’ve had wonderful relationships with girls much younger than me.

If a younger girl acts like a teenager though?

Of course I won’t be interested.

But provided she is reasonably mature and we connect?

It’s all good with me.

To me everything that matters can be summed up in that one word: Connection. That’s the point of everything, and the only thing that makes life worth living to me now.

She told me she’d tried to make it work.

She was now explicitly separated from her current partner.

I told her she’d done everything right.

“Now go and enjoy this new love you’ve found!”

What do you think? If a younger guy approached you and showed you he was interested, providing you made good on any relationship commitments you currently have, is there any reason you shouldn’t open up your heart to his love?

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