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Should Your Next Relationship Be With Someone Much Older (Or Younger)? (Part 4)

If you are a 20 or 30 something?

Female OR male?

You really should consider a much older partner.


Though people your age seem more exciting to you?

They don’t yet know how to LOVE.

“Mature calmness is exciting. I am so thrilled by the calmness and acceptance of my older lovers who focus on the moment without calculating future prospects.” —A man in his 30s who loves dating women in their 50s

Partners your age are less satisfied.

They’re still too focused on the future.

They’re always keeping their options open.

Looking for that “better” thing.

A partner who is much older is going to have their focus on the present. That means they are also going to be more focused on you.

Yes the way they love you?

It will be less about excitement and novelty.

But until you’ve tried peace and serenity as well?

You don’t know how much you’re missing.

Make your relationship a romantic friendship and you’ve really got a winning ticket! You can still enjoy your exciting younger partners if you want and then spend time with your older partners to chill.

You might be wondering though?

Could someone much older really handle you?

If they’re so chill and you’re so energetic?

Won’t that mean you don’t connect at all?

As with everything here too there is an intriguing symbiosis. Someone older will love your energy and also provide a nice balance to it too.

You’ve heard the term “Opposites attract?”

That totally is the case here.

You always desire what you don’t have right?

Someone much older does too.

My experience with cross generational relationships has been absolutely nothing but positive. No I won’t have a relationship with an overgrown child but a sufficient amount of maturity will do.

I’m not seeking someone just like me.

So it doesn’t matter if my partner is more energetic.

I’m mature enough to let her be herself.

I’m quite capable of drawing my lines too.

All I can say whether you’re older or younger is you don’t know what you don’t know until you try it. Until you’ve enjoyed a partner who is much older (or younger) how can you say how it will be for you?


I love all kinds of girls whether they’re older or younger.

Since I’m a bit older now though?

I’ve learned not to be so nit picky.

I just love every girl for who she is.

I’ve learned they do the same for me.

What do you think? Would you now consider a relationship with someone much older (or younger) or will you let the nay sayers stop you from trying this out to see whether it’s a fit for you?

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