Should Your Next Relationship Be With Someone Much Older (Or Younger)? (Part 3)

Should Your Next Relationship Be With Someone Much Older (Or Younger)? (Part 3)

This time I want to talk to you younger girls.

What do I mean by younger?

I mean you’re in your 20s or early 30s.

You may not feel younger but you are.

As you think about having a relationship with someone much older? You might be thinking to yourself something like “Ewe!” because it just seems unnatural to you.

My first question for you though?

Have you ever tried it?

If you haven’t how do you really know?

It could be the best thing you ever do!

Usually at this point the older girls chime in and cry, “Fowl!” on me. The assumption they make is I’m just trying to line up some younger girls to enjoy.

Here’s the thing though.

I’ve experienced this.

How did these younger girls find it?

VERY positive!

The truth is when you have a relationship with a much older guy there are real benefits. He is going to be much more mature than when you interact with someone around your own age.

Your emotional ups and downs?

They aren’t a problem!

He knows how to process them.

Though he may not let you get away with giving him drama?

He also won’t give YOU drama in return.

The younger girls I’ve enjoyed urelationship with appreciated my experienced perspective. Of course they had younger perspectives of their own on things but that itself was refreshing to me.

Notice I haven’t talked about sex?

That’s not because it’s irrelevant.

But contrary to what you might expect?

The benefits there also go both ways.

Love is love and once you’re in love your age just doesn’t matter. As long as you value each other you’re going to experience a really good time.

Though I’ve talked about younger girls?

The same goes for you younger guys also.

Don’t worry about how old she is.

Just open yourself up and see where it goes!

How about you? Are you ready to push past your comfort zone and open yourself up to the experience or will you let everyone around you keep telling you what you should or shouldn’t do?

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