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Should You Tell Him He’s In The Friend Zone?

I read this interesting article the other day.

It talks about something I’ve told you before.

As a girl?

If a guy keeps hanging out with you?

He usually wants more than “just friends.”

So what should you do when you recognize this but you really enjoy his company? If you tell him you don’t see him that way you might lose what you’ve got with him.

The author of this article says toughen up.

It’s not fair to string him along like this.

If you delay that difficult conversation?

Things will only get worse.

I undertand his reasoning here and it lines up with your usual assumptions. If you don’t “feel it” for a guy right away you just “know” you never will.

Unfortunately that’s not at all the case.

People often fall in love much later.

Friendship is the foundation of real romantic love.

It’s NOT at all about “chemistry.”

I’ve talked to you girls a lot about this silly evaluation thing you keep doing. You think you have “romantic potential” radar and can identify it instantly.

What you think of as “chemistry” is just your natural attraction addiction.

Just like a guy wants to bed a pornstar?

You want to be “swept off you feet.”

Keep it up and the players will eventually get you.

So rather than tell that guy he is in the friend zone, you should realize he actually ISN’T. Instead you should quit writing him off so quickly and just see where your friendship goes.

This is actually a test he can use.

If you friend zone guys YOU’RE the problem.

You haven’t opened yourself up to love just yet.

You’re actually withholding your heart from him.

Am I saying you will fall in love with every guy that you’re friends with? Unless for some reason you find the guy you’re hanging out with repulsive…why NOT?

Romantic Friendships.

They really are the ticket.

Instead of saying no to every love but one?

You can embrace every one of them!

What do you think? Instead of telling him he’s in the friend zone shouldn’t you just open up your heart and fall love with him?

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