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Should A Guy Read A Girl’s Online Profile Before Messaging Her? (Part 2)

I’m a big believer in getting guys and girls talking.

When it comes to the “battle of the sexes?”

Nothing brings out your differences better than that.

Case in point?

I just had this great converasation with a new girl I’m getting to know now. We were talking about online dating, and as with most of you girls, she can only take it in little shots at a time.

“Otherwise?” she said.

“The whole thing becomes too overwhelming.”

What she was referring to of course?

The way you girls’ online dating inboxes fill up.

“A friend of mine told me to approach it very slowly.” she said. “Just take it a little at a time, and don’t feel any obligation to tackle it all at once.”

So she decided to create a profile.

“Let’s see how quickly I get messages.”

Before she had even completed the thing?

There were already 5 messages in her inbox!

After being with her friend creating this, she made the half hour trip back home to her place. By the time she got there, she was greeted by another 20 messages as well!

See what I mean girls?

For you online dating takes ZERO effort.

Oh yes.

That’s right.

Your “effort” is, “Hmmm. Which one should I respond to now?”

For guys the situation is totally different after we create our profiles. We can look for messages in our inboxes for weeks and never see ONE.

Even though we message hundreds of you?

We only ever hear back from a handful.

When I told her, “This is why we don’t read profiles.”

She still insisted we should read every one!

Of course as I told you in Part 1 my response was at the ready. “Yes because you read the profiles of every guy who messaged you, before taking a pass on him too right?”

Of course she just picks off a few at a time.

If we took THAT approach to messaging you?

When we make our way to our graves one day?

We will still be waiting for ANY replies

What do you say girls? Do you still think you’re being reasonable expecting a guy to read your profile before he knows you’re even interested, or is he actually the reasonable one waiting for some investment first on your part?

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