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She Used To Turn Heads But Those Days Are Over

As she walked by?

It flashed through my mind.

In the past?

Was she a “looker?”

Her face was wrinkled and she was a bit overweight now, and she definitely was what most of you would think of as much older.


Nobody notices her now.

Did they notice her ever?

No guarantee of that one either.

Very few of us are naturals.

And then as is my wont in life, I reflected and asked myself, “Why is this relevant?” Does the fact a girl isn’t a hottie to you, mean she cannot be a good lover?

Yes I know.

Biology is what it is.

You guys are endlessly horny.

But remember what I told you before?

Even a hottie will eventually BORE you.

This is why many of you choose hookups instead. You don’t need love, you just need to keep your sex life exciting.

But that approach?

It is a dead end too.

It’s fun for a while.

But eventually even THAT becomes boring.

The answer of course, is to get off this endless dopamine chasing you’re doing. Once you do, you will find the love of a girl can be very fulfilling.

Does that mean marry her?

Not so fast!

You both still must contend with your biology.

You’re wired to spread your seed.

She’s wired to move on, once there are children.

My answer as always? It’s to HACK the system, by doing things completely different. Enjoy your connection but don’t move in, and don’t make her your “one and only.”

Romantic Friendships.

That’s the key.

Enjoy love but remain independent.

Who cares if your parents understand?

Did their relationship work out any better?

What do you think? Is the key to love really to chase that exciting thrill that you think you can never get enough of, or should you hack the system so you can actually stay in love with each other?

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