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She Really Is A Cutie!

Cool Girl came over this week.

I wasn’t feeling too good.

So I messaged her telling her she could pass if she wanted to.

I know she has to be healthy for work.

I never want to mess that up for her.

But we wanted to plan a little vacation getaway that night, so she offered to just come and do that and then she’d leave.


She really is a giver.

She has to travel on transit for over an hour just to see me.

This time she would even be doing that hour back home the same night.

But she does this kind of thing all the time.

She never seems to mind.

One time she was going to be seeing me two days in a row.

So I offered her a sleep over to save her all that travel.

She told me, “No thanks. This way I’ll get to look forward to seeing you two times in a row!”

You see what I mean guys?

THAT’S a cool girl!

She’s the kind of sweet girl you introverted guys need to learn to find in your life.

Cool girl and I chatted for a bit and then she did something I keep playing in my mind.

She grabbed the little hood on her dress and pulled it up over her head.

I asked her if she was cold or something, since she’d pulled it up like that. She answered, “Nope. I’m just being cute!”

And let me tell you, was she right!

She is the personification of cute.

In fact I find her the most intriguing blend of independent and submissive.

She laughs with me all the time about the silly insecurities you girls are always so uptight about.

She’s so level headed and secure, she puts some of you guys to shame! But then she does something so “girlie” like this, and digs herself deeper into my heart.

It’s been a couple days since she was here.

But I keep playing that moment back in my mind.

Keep smiling and thinking how much I love her.

Just for being the cute girl she is.

She really is a cutie and I’m so glad she’s in my life!

How about you guys?

Would you like to find yourself a cutie like this one too?

Hit me up!

You can have a cute, sweet, loving girl who looks forward to seeing you too!

What do you think? Time to pass on all those haughty or insecure girls and get a Cool Girl in your life too?

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  1. Jeff Tait

    Yep, nothing to not love about any of this. Sounds amazing. Keep it up you guys!!

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