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She Doesn’t Really Value Your Friendship

“I really value our friendship.”

And there it was.

The death knell of any hope of a romantic relationship.

Once a girl utters that phrase or some equivalent?

Best to pack your bags and start tracking.

What she is conveying with this phrase is, she doesn’t think she feels “mutual attraction.” That is code for, “I’m the kind of girl where, if I don’t feel an immediate THRILL, I’m incapable of coming to love you.”

Oh yes.

She says she loves you.

In fact?

She thinks you’re adorable!

She’s never met a guy so real.

One who truly understands her.

Though she claims that’s exactly what she wants in a lover, she never “feels mutual attraction” for a guy like you. with whom she actually has it. Instead she keeps wishing the guy who treats her badly was everything YOU are.

I know it’s frustrating.

It feels like it’s you.

It’s not.

It’s totally her problem.

If a girl can’t see the forest for the trees?

What are you gonna do about it?

You just have to keep moving on, and quit feeding yet one more emotional player. Why should you give her the connection she wants, when she’s not capable of reciprocating?

I’m not talking about becoming an Incel.

I’m not telling you to resent her.

I’m just giving you a reality check.

She’s just one more of the walking wounded.

There are genuine girls, who are capable of letting a romantic connection developer naturally. I know they seem like the minority, but you’ll find them, if you keep putting yourself out there.

The key is to recognize the signs.

If she doesn’t pass the friend zone test for you?

Unless you’re looking to accumulate girls as “just friends?”

Leave her to her wounds.

Keep on searching.

How about you? Are you tired of spending your time with girls who are just emotional players, who don’t really “value your friendship,” no matter how many times they say it?

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