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Romantic Love For Smart People (Part 3)

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Why is it with romantic love?

You think it’s wrong to be realistic?

Even when love lets you down?

You “just believe” and try again and again!

Either that, or you become completely negative and jaded. Since the game of love didn’t work out the way you hoped, now you’re just going to give up completely!

In any other area of life?

You approach things much more sensibly.

You recognize that when things don’t work out?

You probably need to change something.

Instead of repeating the same old mistakes, or giving up thinking it’s just impossible? You know you have to make adjustments, so that eventually you get things right.

If you are just a “believer” in love?

You’re being totally unrealistic.

But when you turn your back on love?

You’re doing the very same thing in reverse!

Of course it’s not enough to just keep giving it the college try, and expecting things to work out differently. But if you just give up, then obviously nothing is ever going to change for you either.

So what should you do instead?

Choose the more realistic alternative.

Do what the smart people always do.

What’s that?

Figure the silly thing out obviously!

What smart people do is they analyze exactly what is malfunctioning. Then they develop a better way to achieve their original goal in spite of it.

Your goal is to enjoy romantic love right?

So what is NECESSARY for you to do so?

The things you’ve been believing love needs?

Those are the things getting in your way of just enjoying it!

The fruit of my analysis of love, is the relationship style I call Romantic Friendships. It really is the smart way to approach your love life, if you want to be successful at it.

What do Romantic Friendships include?

Nothing except the essentials.

Everything irrelevant is tossed right out.

That way only what is necessary remains for you.

What do you think? Is love a dream and you just have to keep “believing” and hope it finally works out for you, or is it something to be smart about so you don’t end up giving up on love ultimately?

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