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Romantic Love For Smart People (Part 2)

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I’m a guy of steady routines.

I don’t change things up a whole lot usually.

But one thing I’ve learned about romantic love?

Is where to change it up, and where to leave it alone.

Over the years one of my regular routines is my Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) calendar. It’s one of those ones you cycle through year after year after year.

What people used to say to Zig Ziglar?

“It doesn’t work trying to being positive.”

“No matter how many times you pump yourself up?”

“You just end up getting negative again.”

Zig’s reply was a classic of course, as it seems his replies were always. He said “Positive motivation doesn’t last just like washing doesn’t. That’s why we recommend you do it every day!”

And because of this?

I want to share the thought today from my desktop calendar.

If I had my choice, what I’d encourage you to do?

Follow it’s wisdom all the time.

This one is a simple phrase passed on from Woodrow Wilson. It says, “We should not only use all the brains we have, but all that we can borrow.”

When it comes to romantic love?

You couldn’t find greater wisdom.

The reason I know all I do about love?

I read EVERYBODY I can all the time.

I’ve read the Taoists and the Tantra folks and I’ve read the Pickup Artists. I’ve read traditional Christian authors and the rational egoist atheists.

By doing so I don’t get pigeon holed.

Instead, I get a broad perspective.

It allows me to see where you need to change it up.

And where you should keep things similar.

This is what I mean by Romantic Love For Smart People. It is applying logic to you love life, so you can really and fully enjoy it.

That’s how I arrived at relationship lite.

What I call Romantic Friendships.

A way to enjoy rich romantic love.

And still maintain your independence.

How about you? Are you ready to take on the way of the wise and embrace Romantic Friendships, or will you continue to have love fail on you and be bewildered why it does so?

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