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Romantic Friendships Versus Conscious Relationships (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Romantic Friendships Versus Conscious Relationships

In Part 1 I talked about Conscious Relationships.

How they differ from Romantic Friendships.

Though what I said there is totally true?

In another sense it’s not.


Because Romantic Friendships ARE conscious relationships.

You can see this is so, when you stop and reflect on what it really means for a relationship to be conscious. Consciousness is not a focus on personal growth, but about approaching your relationship with AWARENESS.

Usually the way you approach your love life?

You function just like an automaton.

You don’t really think about what you’re doing at all.

You just do what comes naturally.


What comes naturally destroys your relationship.

Nature doesn’t have your love life in mind, because it is totally focused on reproduction. As long as some babies get born and on the way, nature doesn’t care what happens to YOU in the process.

Because of how attraction works?

You “fall in love” without a moment’s reflection.

You don’t think, “Is this person really good for me?”

You don’t ask, “Why do I feel this way, when I don’t even know them?”

You don’t ask or think at all.

You just keep running the program you’ve been programmed with.

What the conscious relationship people get right, is they are trying to interrupt this blind process. By consciously aiming yourself at growth, they believe your love life will benefit.

The problem with that?

It’s not the conscious part.

It’s the goal you’re pursuing.

Romantic love is not about DOING.

Making your love life about personal growth?

It turns your relationship into a make work project.

Romantic love is the desire to experience sexual fulfillment and emotional connection in the here and now, because you value your partner and want to share yourselves with each other.

With Romantic Friendships?

You consciously structure your love life so it is conducive to this.

You only include what makes this possible.

You exclude everything that doesn’t.

You don’t make your relationship about anything else.

Not growth.

Not attraction.

And definitely NOT about finding your “one and only” to get your “needs” met.

What do you think? Since “conscious relationships” are about growth instead of romantic love, aren’t Romantic Friendships the real conscious relationships after all?

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