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Romantic Friendships Aren’t About Experimenting Sexually

Why would you want more than one partner?

And by partner I mean romantic partner.

And yes since your mind already went there?

That means sexual partner too.

When I start to tell someone about how I approach my love life, this is often the very first question that begins to occur to them.

Are you just “out for sex?”

Are you exploring your sexual fantasies?

Is that what this is all about?

You feel the need for a “kink” or two?

While I’m not going to judge anyone, I actually believe pursuing sexual excitement is counter productive. You and your partner don’t need to get all worked up to make love.

Usually when somebody thinks like this?

They are missing the point I’m making.

Romantic love is all about valuing.

You fall in love with the person, not with what you do with them.

When you truly come to see someone for who they are and love them? It is the most natural thing in the world to want to share yourself fully with them.

Of course unless you’re gay?

That won’t include sex with same sex partners.

But when you care deeply for your sexual “opposite?”

There’s every reason to “go there” with them.

Love wants to unite with its object in every way humanly possible. So when you meet someone you truly love, you should become romantic friends.

I know in today’s society?

What I’m suggesting sounds pretty crazy.

Everybody around you?

They’re saying just the reverse to you.

I found out that apparently what I’ve been doing here is channeling the early Stoics. They believed society would be better served, if everybody was romantic friends with everybody else.

And no, they weren’t just talking sex.

They were talking genuine romantic relationships.

Sexual fulfillment fueled by emotional connection.

Romantic Friendships holding together society was the vision!

How about you? Are you tired of living in a world where everybody is so disconnected, and are you ready to open up your heart and simply love whoever you find love with?

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