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Resting Bitch Face: It’s The Law! (Part 2)

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The way you tell things are back to normal here?

Just walk the streets of Vancouver.

When those stone faces reappear?

You know the COVID-19 scare is over.

Today within about 30 seconds of leaving my place I encountered my very first specimen. The sunglassed face with the rigid jaw exerting all her energy to not look at me.

Half a block later?

Here comes specimen Number 2.

She’s jogging.

How could she possibly acknowledge my existence?

As this taste of the Vancouver social scene returned today in full force it made me miss all those cute COVID-19 masked lovelies.

Is it just my imagination?

Or were they friendlier while social distancing?

Looking out from behind their masks?

Did I seem like less of a predator?

I actually highly doubt that is the explanation though because the girls during the pandemic seemed much more personable in general.

Was it the sense of comradery?

The feeling of social solidarity?

Or maybe the explanation is simpler yet.

Maybe the “bitches” just were not out in great number.

Whatever the case I’m so glad to know that we’ve returned to things that are much more important. I wouldn’t want the “new normal” to spoil anything and throw me off my social balance.

Am I being too hard on these girls?

After all…they just lived through their first pandemic.

But is it too much to hope they learned anything?

That it is actually very worthwhile to be social?

Be that as it may it does not appear that on this subject things will be changing. At least these girls don’t need to worry about “catching” anything since they have built in masks they’re wearing.

Yes I know.

I can be cruel.

But hey!

I just call em like I see em!

What do you say girls? Have you learned anything from being locked up for 4 months that inspires you to be a touch more friendly or will you continue to “obey the law” and keep that whole “bitch face” thing going?

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