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Reports From The Trenches

I recently published my latest book.

It’s called How To Be A Nice Guy And Still Get The Girl.

You know what they say about Nice Guys right?

It’s because you’re “nice” that girls aren’t into you.

Since I know that is not the case, I put in some extra research time. Due to recent relationship developments while writing it, I was in the mental space to push myself “out there” more.

Because I was writing this book for Nice Guys?

I wanted to get more field experience.

The previous few years my wonderful relationship life?

It had left me less motivated to push myself.

One thing I am excellent at is striking up conversations with the girls I encounter. I learned these skills a long time ago, and talk about how to do this in my book.

But one thing I haven’t majored in?

It’s pushing through to getting a girl’s number.

Sort of silly when you think of it right?

Why invest the conversation time and not make good?

What I will be doing with this series is giving you some reports of my experiences “in the trenches.” I’m going to let you see exactly how things go as I expand my comfort zone a bit.

So far what I have to report?

I’m 4 for 4 recently for “No thank you’s.”

One girl had a boyfriend.

Another girl gave me a number that was fake.

One girl I actually got together with and I think she’s really special. I don’t know yet where that one will go but so far the indicator’s aren’t that good.

And just this week again?

A barrista seemed to be treating me special.

Every time I walked into the place?

She immediately started making my favorite drink.

Normally if a girl does something like that, it is a pretty strong indication of interest (IOI). So a day or so ago I asked her what she was up to after work.


You should have seen her face freeze!

She was struggling to come up with something.


Obviously she wouldn’t be spending it with me!

Fortunately I’m experienced enough to know this is a numbers game, and that all of this is pretty normal. At any given point in time a girl can be in a million different head spaces.

She may be struggling with insecurities.

She may just not be attracted.

One thing I know when she’s not interested though?

She will definitely be missing out!

What do you think guys? Are you ready to realize that if a girl isn’t into you that it is not a personal reflection, and if you put in the numbers eventually you’ll find a girl who is?

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