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Recovering After Betrayal

It is amazing how much digital ink gets wasted.

All to prevent “infidelity.”

Or to recover if your partner betrays you.

What to do if they have an affair.

The claim is this can be devastating and you may find it ultimately impossible to recover from. Even if you do recover from it your relationship will never be the same.

Now I understand dishonesty is never a good thing.

You should make good if you promised your partner monogamy.

But given that plan’s happiness track record?

It’s hard not to ask, “Well what did you expect?”

I left a long term monogamous relationship so I am no foreigner to this territory. I did not date other girls before we legally separated, even though I’m open to the fact extenuating circumstances can exist.

But all that said I still have to ask.

What on earth were you thinking?

Relationships fall apart right and left.

Did you really think you’d be exempt?

If most relationship coaches were asking you this you’d think something is completely amiss of course. Because they suffer from the same delusion you do that it will work out to enjoy one partner for life.

If you look at history though?

You see the exact opposite.

In light of this what you should be asking?

“Doesn’t polyamory make more sense?”

I’ve given you loads of reasons Romantic Friendships are the way to go now. This whole infidelity thing of course is just one more reason to add to the list.

Nobody can be unfaithful.

Not unless you require faithfulness of them.

Another question to ask yourself?

“Why do I want faithfulness in the first place?”

I have my own beliefs about this and it doesn’t have anything to do with loving your partner. It isn’t about wanting to see them happy and fulfilled.

The bottom line here?

Betrayal is only a thing if you embrace its preconditions.

If you choose to do that despite the evidence?

You’re setting yourself up to fail.

What do you think? Should you really be surprised at the fact your partner betrayed you or should you take this as a lesson and configure your love life so it doesn’t happen to you again?

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