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Radical Christian Sexuality Book Series

I’m writing to let you know about my new book series.

It’s called Radical Christian Sexuality.

You can find it on and on as well.

If you follow my blog you know I write about sexuality and relationships.

In a real sense what I’m sharing here is my philosophy of romantic love.

I hint now and then about my Christian faith too.

But I don’t put that front and center.

You don’t have to be a Christian to get what I have to say about love.

But maybe you’ve wondered from time to time, how a good little Evangelical Christian boy is so relaxed about polyamory and sex.

Doesn’t the Bible teach lust is a sin?

That sex outside marriage is wrong?

Well here’s the thing…

The church HAS said a lot of negative things about sexuality and love.

The Early Church Fathers as they’ve come to be known?

They even wondered if sex with your WIFE was okay.

Good grief!

My brother once told me instead of calling them the Early Church Fathers, we should call them the Early Church Babies instead!

Be that as it may they were pretty messed up.

About girls and the sexual feelings they bring.

They followed the Greeks in seeing sex as a real problem.

The source of almost every other problem you have in your life.

In fairness Martin Luther tried to turn this around.

Encourage all those priests and nuns to marry.

He even married a cute little nun himself.

So he definitely got the whole sex positive thing rolling in the church.

But even he thought that sexual love is reserved by God only for marriage. It’s okay to enjoy yourself once you find “the one” but until then it’s still all holds barred!

If you’ve hung around here you probably know.

I’m not an “out for sex” guy.

I don’t recommend you use people just to get off.

Your sexual life should definitely flow from valuing your partner.

But you don’t need to be married to do that.

You just need to have a genuine bond.

Based on mutual desire and emotional connection.

I’ve felt for some time that I wanted to show how I see all this to jive with my faith. Not because I feel any need to justify myself. As Paul said, I “stand or I fall” by the Lord.

But what I’m doing here is definitely not random.

Nor do I see it inconsistent with faith.

The Bible has been misread for years.

On a subject so vital to your happiness.

It really is time someone stood up and said so.

That’s what I’m doing now.

I’m glad to introduce you to my new book series Radical Christian Sexuality. In it I share my “theology of sexuality and relationships.” How I understand God to view this whole thing.

Below are the titles with their Amazon links.


Volume One: LUST IS NOT THE PROBLEM: Porn and the Modern Christian (

Volume Two: DON”T CALL IT SIN: Sex and the Single Chrisitan (

Volume Three: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR: Christian Monogamy and Polyamory (

I hope you’ll check them out and give me some reviews.

If you have any questions about all this I’m here.

How about you? Have you spent a lot of time feeling really messed up about your sexuality, because you thought God was all hung up about it too?

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