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Quit Shopping For A Partner

Ah monogamy!

How it distorts the simplest of things!

What kind of things you ask?

Things as basic as CONNECTION.

Because you have a goal to go out and find your “one and only,” you end up completely unable to be natural with anyone.

Relationship coaches?

They end up telling you silly things.

“Don’t cast a wide net.”

“You risk time.”

“You risk energy.”

“You risk heartache.”

The reason they think your dating life is always so terribly risky? Because it is so easy to end up with someone who doesn’t match your GOAL.

Your goal of course?

To find the perfect person.

Oh I know.

They insist that’s not the case.

But really it is.

When you realize you’re trying to find someone who you could live with happily forever? Of course you can’t afford to end up in a relationship with just anyone.

Imagine if you approached friendship this way.

Every possible friend?

They need to be just right.

They have to want what you do.

They need to support your needs.

With monogamy what it is all about is shopping for the perfect partner for YOU. Your focus is not on how worthwhile the other person is.

Why is finding friends not a risk?

Why do you encounter friends naturally?

Because you value THEM.

You’re drawn to THEM.

It’s NOT all about you.

It is only because the goal of monogamy is so completely unrealistic that it becomes so hard to find real connection and love in your life.

But lose the goal of monogamy?

Make LOVE your actual focus?

Suddenly you’re free!

You can be yourself!

Be with anyone who desires love too.

What do you think? Is finding love really so risky or are you just complicating things by shopping for the perfect partner instead of being truly open to love?

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