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Only Someone Who Doesn’t Want Love Is Picky Choosing A Partner (Part 3)

She and I met at a speed dating event.

The only one I’ve attended in Vancouver.

After you’ve met everyone in the room?

You fill in on a sheet anyone with whom you’d like to connect.

She and I didn’t “connect” that way apparently because I never heard so from the organizers. Nonetheless we did connect personally and we became Facebook friends.

My initial interest in her?

She had read about a form of making love called Karezza.

I talked about it a long time ago.

And also in my core concept post about sexual fulfillment as well.

She also was a Slavic girl and I have been known to find those girls attractive. But as our connection on Facebook continued eventually I could see she just wasn’t “my type.”

“There you go again Kel!”

“You keep saying you have no criteria!”

That’s right.

But as I told you in Part 2?

There still has to be “some” basis to connect.

As is sometimes the case with Slavic girls, I found this girl “gruff” and “short” in all of her statements. She didn’t seem to “get me” much when I posted things online.

But I’m okay with that.

I still was up for being Facebook friends with her.

As time went on though this disconnect?

It became more and more so for her.

This past week I posted a reference to Psalm 36 on my Facebook without any commentary. She posted a comment saying simply, “What is it?”

I felt like writing, “It’s a scripture passage.”

But I assumed she just hadn’t read it.

So I replied, “Read it.”

She did and then said, “It’s has too many parts.”

When people comment on my stuff online, I try to be careful to keep my replies to a minimum. I wasn’t sure what she was asking me, but didn’t want to clog up my feed by making her upset.

Apparently I didn’t have to try.

In her next comment she asked me to unfriend her.

That she finds me “disrespectful.”

Before I could even reply she took care of that!

So what do you think? Should I have spent my time trying to get to know her, or was I right she was not “my type” without needing a criteria list to determine that?

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