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Only Fragile Guys Need To Lead

About a year ago now?

The world of social media was all a buzz!

What was creating such a stir?

A very old story was being recycled.

The story is a tale as old as time, that is based in human biology. The idea is that “men” should always LEAD in everything, and “women” should always submit to them.

And what is it that backs this claim?

It is that “real men” NEED to lead instinctually.

And what they also need in order to pull this off?

The inspiration of “feminine radiance.”

If you feel like you’ve heard this story before, its probably because when you were young you attended Sunday School. The story we received at that time of course, was that “men” leading and “women” submitting was GOD’S “design” for humanity.

But this latest version isn’t Bible based.

It finds its roots in basic biology.

In order for you girls to raise those babies of yours?

You naturally “need” a “dominant man” to protect and provide for you.

The viewpoint I’m referring to, I’ve dubbed EXTREME POLARITY. And while I agree the phenomena in Nature exists that it draws upon? I disagree completely with what it concludes from this.

Polarity has nothing to do with LOVE.

Feeling you “need” to lead flows from insecurity.

When you love someone, you value who they ARE.

This makes you want to SHARE YOUSELF.

It doesn’t make anybody want to “lead” or “submit.”

Sharing yourself means enjoying with your partner sexual fulfillment and emotional connection. Nobody needs to lead and nobody needs to submit, for you both to enjoy these two things.

If you’re a guy and you feel the “need” to lead?

That’s just because you’re fragile.

If you were truly secure in yourself?

You’d be just fine with a girl who is just as assertive as you.

I’ve talked about the 3 types of lovers before: The dominant, submissive and independent. Only an independent lover is truly secure. For them, leading and submitting is completely irrelevant.

So if you feel the “need” to lead?

I’d recommend taking another look in the mirror.

If it “irritates” you when a girl doesn’t “fall into line?”

You still have some growing up to do!

How about you? Are you a guy who gets “irritated” if a girl actually has the nerve to push back at you, or are you ready to realize if somebody “gets your goat,” it’s because you’ve got a “goat to get?”

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