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Okay I Admit It I Like Quirky Girls (Part 2)

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“You may marvel in excitement as you realize.”

“This person in front of you does not find your quirks to be ‘too odd.'”

“They do not see being a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’ as something negative.”

“They, too, identify as one.”

What these quotes from an article called Why Intelligence Is Such a Turn-On for Some People are describing, is what it feels like to be sapiosexual. When you are this type of person, your mind is your “primary sex organ.”

But when you are sapiosexual?

“Intelligence is not a number.”

“The ability for a person to have…deep…conversations?”

That is what “is highly attractive.”

“As a sapiosexual, you may also be physically attracted to someone, but if you later find out that the other person lacks curiosity, intellectual rigor, and open-mindedness, these things can be deal-breakers.”

Since I’m into Romantic Friendships?

A girl being sapiosexual is just one option for me.

But I definitely feel the allure of this.

I totally love me a girl who’s quirky!

Even though you’re sapiosexual though, “The attraction to your intellectual equal can even be intuitive and bypass your conscious awareness. This is especially true if you had not yet realized your own gifts.”

So what is it that shows you that you are “one of them?”

You find yourself “drawn to particular people.”

“You have unconsciously picked up on subtle signs.”

“…such as their humor and thoughtfulness.”

“When you finally meet someone who is your intellectual equal, your immediate feeling will be a sense of relief, followed by excitement, hope, and anxiety. You may also suddenly feel insecure and needy as the possibility of intimacy triggered your attachment system to become activated.”

It’s that feeling, “Finally, someone gets it!”

“You will feel liberated to open up.”

“Reveal more parts of yourself.”


This is exactly what it’s like when you experience this!

Though sometimes this can be a lonely path, “The best thing you can do, on realising who you really are, is to embrace it and make the best of it. Remember: Even if you belong to the minority, the ones you are looking for are also looking for you.”

I’ve had this experience many times now.

Each girl I’ve met who is like this, is totally delightful!

While I always love each girl for who she is?

Those sapiosexual girls can totally win my heart!

How about you? Do you find the more intelligent a girl is, the more she really “does it” for you? And isn’t it time you get yourself a few more of those quirky of girls in your life?

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