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Okay Girls Who’s Your Daddy? (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Okay Girls Who's Your Daddy?

In Part 1 I talked about the whole “dad bod” thing?

In this installment?

I’ll be talking about something quite different.

This one has to do with the concept of “age play.”

I was first introduced to this concept some time ago in a Facebook group about solo polyamory. One of the members asked me if that was why I use the term “girl” instead of “woman.”

I guess if I thought about it?

I had experienced the concept before.

It was in the movie Definitely Maybe.

It was embodied in Rachel Weiss’s character Summer Hartley.

Summer was a sophomore attending college who was having a romantic relationship with her college professor Hampton Roth. When Will arrived at Summer’s place one day, the professor introduced himself as Summer’s “daddy.”

Very quickly Will understood what he meant.

When Summer arrived she said, “I see you’ve met Daddy.”

Later in the movie Daddy traded Summer in.

Apparently he had downgraded her for a couple college juniors instead!

As you know I also advocate for both guys and girls enjoying cross generational relationships. I’ve had a few of these myself, but it wasn’t until recently a younger girl I’ve connected with chose to call me “daddy” as well.

She and I met in a Facebook group.

Once she knew me she asked me a question.

“Do you have any sons I should be getting to know?”

I answered, “Well I’ve had relationships with girls your age so…”

Thus began our enjoyable long distance connection, where we enjoyed playing with each other verbally. Frequently she would say something and then inject the word “daddy” into the conversation.

After a late night talk I said, “Well we should get you tucked in.”

She replied, “How you gonna tuck me in daddy?”

Then she spoke of wanting to do the entire west coast for a trip.

Then suddenly she blurted out, “Take me daddy!”

After a long conversation one night where we talked about relationships, and all the ways you girls get messed up by your insecurities, the next morning she told me she dreamt about me.

“You were relaxing in a lazy boy chair.”

“I came over and snuggled you like a little girl.”

“Got the whole daddy thing happening again did you?” I replied.

She told me, “You didn’t seem to mind it.”

So how about you somewhat older guys? Could you enjoy a little age play with someone much younger, and if she called you “daddy” like this could you warm up to her like Hampton did with Summer?

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