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Not Really Caring Is What Love’s All About (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Not Really Caring Is What Love's All About

If you’re paying attention you might have noticed.

I don’t care what you girls think of me.

In fact some of my male friends have said it to me.

“Holy cow Kel! You really don’t give a sh*t!!!”

That’s what leads to me constantly to tell you girls exactly what I think of you. It leaves me free to say it like it is about all the silly ways you shoot yourselves in the foot.

It doesn’t matter to me if you hate me.


Let’s back up.

Of course I’d love you to like me!

But if I have to compromise who I am?

What I think?

You can take a flying leap before I’ll do that!

“Oh man Kel did you have to say THAT? I thought you want to help guys and girls connect and experience love together.”

“Don’t you know you attract more flies with honey?”

“Why all the VINEGAR man?”


I am trying to help you.

But I’m not going to help you by lying to you.

I’ve looked at this love thing long and hard.

Everything I say here is TRUE and for your GOOD.

It’s the others who are “sh*tting” you by telling you that you can live “happily ever after.” Every other relationship coach I know of is just telling you what you WANT to hear.

I know my words cause you pain.

That you think I’m totally off my rocker.

But there is an even more important reason I do this as well.

You see?

I happen to enjoy relationships myself.

But I want them with girls who want ME.

Not girls who want me to be inauthentic.

Sure I could probably attract lots of you girls if I kept telling you I believe in monogamy. I could have quite a few of you lining up, if I would just say that Disney Fantasy of yours is okay.

But if I did that?

I’d have to keep the act up.

As long as you and I were together?

I’d have to keep giving you what your addiction wants.

And even then?

Things would still break down eventually.

When I wrote in Part 1 that not caring is what love’s all about I really meant it. As long as you’re worried what your lover thinks of you? You’re being needy and in the long run they will be repelled.

If who you actually are repels potential lovers?

So what!

Better to get that out of the way NOW don’t you think?

That’s why I do crazy things.

Things like asking a girl out for coffee on a Saturday evening.

Giving her the chance to reject me or friend zone me if she wants.

If she does?

I know she’s just not my type.

But you know the funny thing is by doing this? I encounter girls who really love me. They love how analytical and forthright I am and they laugh with me about you girls!

Because just like me?

They’ve seen the light.

They know monogamy is a scam nature’s selling you.

They’d rather skip that silly game.

They’d rather have a love that’s real instead.

So the next time you worried,

“Will she like me? Is he into me?”

Step back and correct your thinking.

Instead what you should tell yourself?

“If they are really the one for me they will love me as I am!”

What do you think? Am I a terrible person for giving you the straight scoop about love and what it takes to find it or am I actually the one person telling you the truth that you can trust?

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