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“No Players” And Other Powerful Online Dating Profile Lines

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I’m sure you guys had seen this by now right?

You’re perusing the girls’ profiles.

On Tinder or OK Cupid.


I’ve even seen this sometimes on

Girls have figured out a POWERFUL way to make sure that guys who just want to hookup for sex are SURE to leave them alone.

I call them “Online Dating Power Lines.”

Things like:

“No Players.”

“Not into hookups.”

“If you’re into one night stands, just move on.”

I’m sure when you saw these powerful statements, you reacted the same way all good players would right?

You gave these girls a wide berth.

Because you don’t want to offend them.

Or waste their time.


You’re right.

I’m being facetious.

What is funny is you girls seem to think that what you’re doing is going to have the effect you want.

As if a guy who wants to play you is going to obey the warning signs.

Kind of up there with thinking gun laws will stop criminals from getting guns, don’t you think?

But there is one thing you CAN count on.

This will stop you from getting what you want.

That is, if what you want is a look from decent guys.

No it’s not that the decent guys want to play you and you’ve sort of put them off by telling them they really don’t have a chance with you.

What you’ve done is simply put them off anyway by expressing negative in your profile.

Whenever I look at a girl’s profile and it’s full of “NOT this” and “DON’T do that?”

It just says one big thing to me.


That’s all I’m seeing when I look at your profile.

No, no, NO!

The same thing happens when you list all the attributes you think the guy you’re looking for should be sure he has.

“Must love dogs.”

“You should enjoy wine at dinner.”

And my favorite

“If you think you qualify contact me.”

I’ve had people disagree with me on this.

But whenever I see these lists?

What that tells me is you’re not an open person.

You’re not really willing to explore.

I know your dating coaches are telling you this is more efficient because you’re less likely to waste your time on some loser.

Instead you’re filtering.

Zeroing in on what you want.

But that is just silly.

The guy you REALLY want?

He’s going to click on to the next profile.

Because a really good guy knows you can’t meet a partner that way.

You can’t just publish a job description and expect him to apply.

The only way you can meet somebody who is really an appropriate match is if you take the time to get to know him.

You need to see him for how he really is.

That comes by going on dates and spending time with him.

Working the numbers.

Seeing who rises to the top.

And drop all those silly “anti-player” lines.

Any good player is going to see that as a CHALLENGE.

He’ll connect with you to prove you wrong.

And sadly?

Usually the players are right.

There is a reason the pickup artists say it.

“Don’t go by what a girl says, go by what she DOES.”

So what do you say girls? Time to just drop all the qualification policing and get out there and meet some real people?

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