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“No Players” And Other Powerful Online Dating Profile Lines (Part 6)

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series "No Players" And Other Powerful Online Dating Profile Lines

I’ve seen this one so many times?

I decided it’s worthy of an entry.

It seems you girls are so intelligent?

You just have to let guys know about it.

It’s taking many forms of course, but its central theme remains consistent. If guys can’t get their English right they’re just not the one for you, because there would be no point.

Right in that last paragraph?

I passed ALL of your restrictions.

The problem is?

The fact you require that of any guy?

It just tells him to stay away from you!

What I’m speaking about here of course is the English grammar requirement you online girls love to give us. When I read one of you girls write, “Pleassssse know the difference between they’re, there, and their?” Here is what I do.

I usually pop you a quick message.

I say, “Don’t you hate it when guys aren’t good at they’re English?”

“Their isn’t a point in responding right?”

“I mean you’d be totally wasting there time!”

Usually I don’t receive any reply back, but of course that’s not what I’m actually after. In my usual normal subtle way, I’m hoping she might actually come to see herself.

Another favorite reply of mine?

“Its really silly when they do that isn’t it?

“If a guys English is bad like that?”

“Its just not gonna work right?”

Of course “your” and “you’re” is also an all time favorite, but whatever form it takes the message is consistent. What this tells any guy who’s listening is if he isn’t perfect, you won’t give him the time of day.

What’s going through his mind then?

“Wow! She’s already trying to CHANGE me.”

“Imagine what she’ll be like later…”

“When she fully has her hooks in me!”

I know they call online dating fishing, but showing your hooks up front is definitely not attractive. It is actually good of you when you do this though, so a guy knows not to be biting!

If you’re a girl who does this?

Isn’t it time for a little introspection?

Why are you so high strung that this feels appropriate?

Aren’t you in need of a major life transforming chill pill?

What say you girls? Is it really important to your love life that a guy has perfect grammar, or is it more important he loves you and genuinely connects with you?

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